We have a few ground rules in place and tips to help you have a positive experience in the program. As a mentors and protégés, we ask you to:

1. Keep your Contact Information and Profile Current
Seems basic, but your email address must be current for another member to invite you into a relationship or contact you once paired. And eMentor staff need to be able to contact you, too! Also, your profile information is used by the system’s matching software to offer suggested mentors to protégés. You are more likely to be paired with someone with the desired background if your profile is up-to-date. As a rule of thumb, please review your profile at least once every six months.

2. Participate! Post an Article, Answer or ask a Question, Post to a Discussion Forum, Join or Lead a Group
It is important to understand that eMentor does not assign mentors to protégés. Our program allows protégés to search for and select their own mentor. If you are not involved with a one-to-one connection, you can still experience the great benefits of networking and mentoring by interacting with other participants through these additional program features:

Discussion Forums: Anyone can join a discussion forum to ask questions or comment on the discussion forum’s topic. Some discussion fora are based on a demographic: all mentors, for example. Take a moment to add a comment to a discussion.

Articles: Posting an “article” simply means uploading content that you feel will be useful to the program’s participants. This can be a document, video, or a link to a website or online article.

Questions&Answers: Any participant can post a question to all users and get multiple perspectives on an issue.

Groups or Public Connections: Mentoring Groups are created by the program administrator (by request) around a particular topic or issue. A mentor leads the group and any eligible participant may join (some groups restrict membership to a particular career field or professional community) and engage in a small group discussion on the posted topic. If you would like to form a group, contact your program manager/admin by clicking on the “Contact Admin” link in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Communicate Frequently/Consistently
Once paired in a mentoring connection, the expectation is that you will exchange emails regularly (2-4 times monthly on average) and respond to your partner’s email within THREE WORKING DAYS. And most important is that you first agree with your partner on how and how often you will communicate (phone/Skype/email/chat) and then follow through on the plan. We cannot overemphasize the importance of regular communication to creating trust, a bond and getting results.

4. Use Our Mentor and Protégé Handbooks
We have compiled excellent handbooks for mentors and protégés that are full of useful tips and best practices to make the most of your online mentoring relationship. Each subject is handled very succinctly so that you can get the information you need in minutes. You can access the Mentor Handbook and Protégé Handbook online in the “Quick Links” on the right sidebar on your home page once you are logged in.

5. Stay in Touch with Us
This is a very “high touch” program and our eMentor staff are here to serve you! If you have a problem or question, you can always contact us directly and we will respond promptly. Particularly, if you are having problems connecting with a protégé or have problems after you have been paired, please let us know. We are standing by to personally assist you!

Additional Notes for Mentors:

1. Respond in a Timely Way to an Invitation
If a protégé extends an invitation to you, please respond within THREE WORKING DAYS. He/she is anxiously awaiting your response, trust us. When a protégé does not receive a response to an invitation it can feel like a personal rejection, so please don’t delay.

2. Reach out to a Protégé
Mentors may search for a protégé and send him/her an email proposing a mentoring relationship. Simply select the “protégés” tab (at the top of the screen) and use the filters on the right side of your screen to locate a suitable protégé. Then select the “send message” link in their profile. If you don't feel you have time to mentor a protégé (requires a minimum 30 minutes per month) you can select "0" in the Protégé Limit field (under Settings) in your profile and then simply enter the site to interact with program protégés at your convenience. You can interact via the Q&A feature, Discussion Forums, and Articles. See these options described above.